See Me

I don’t want ALS to be the thing that’s interesting about me.

Throughout my life I never felt that I was especially funny, clever, or beautiful. It wasn’t a bad thing. I just had the self awareness to recognize that I was more average than extraordinary. And that’s perfectly okay.

A lot of people are interested in me now. But do they really see me?


2 thoughts on “See Me

  1. I know you from the Children with Autism board. I found you such an inspiration in terms of how you embraced and advocated for your Reza. Being an amazing, switched on human being and mother is what I found noteworthy about you. I am so desperately sorry that you are facing this horrible disease, but it is absolutely not the thing that at least one internet stranger finds interesting or important about you. The love for your children, your beautiful writing and just your being an all round enlightened human being absolutely are.

    I will say however that from your blog and posts, you are handling ALS with remarkable grace and courage.

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