Well, I did it again.  Jinxed myself.  In my last post I mentioned how normally after we have overnight guests, the day or two after they leave R will have frequent crying bouts and meltdowns as he processes the stress that he had bottled up during their visit.  This has never not happened.  Until this week, when after we had family visiting for Christmas we went two days post-their-visit without incident.  Homefree.  Or so I thought.  Mere moments after publishing my post this morning, R began getting fussy.  Over the next several hours he became increasingly unhappy.  Little bouts of crying turned into big bouts of crying, and by 3 pm, full blown meltdowns.  The next four hours were awful.  I put him to bed early and I can still hear him sniffling in his sleep from the next room over.

If I hadn’t shared my excitement over his lack of bad day after visitors this time, would it have happened?  I know logically my choosing to share or not share, feel excitement or not, should have no impact on the future.  So why does it always seem to, against all reason?

Going to bed.  Tomorrow will be better, God willing.


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